From hourly employees to exempt employees we have a service to meet your time and attendance needs.  Our time and attendance program is ideal for any organization.  Contact us today to find out how we can assist your companies needs.

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Hourly Employees

Keeping track of time and attendance is a key element for Payroll and HR.  Our systems allow for your employees to clock in using various methods: computer (can be IP Specific), smart device, allows for GPS, and many other great functions.  Can allow for multiple step approval or single approval processes.  Hours can be taken straight from time system for payroll processing.


Salary Employees

Even salary employees should use a time tracking system to keep in compliance with overtime laws.  We can help with keeping your company compliant with classifying exempt and non-exempt employees.



We keep records in a secure location.  We review the state laws to make sure your time system is in compliance with proper record keeping. We take the hassle out of your time and attendance needs so that you may focus on running your business.